Public Relations Agencies

Public relations agencies (or PR agencies as they are often known) are the companies responsible for designing a brand's marketing campaign and bringing it to the public - hence the words public relations agency.

Public relations entertainment agencies are one type of public relations agencies that deal specifically with the entertainment business, and often work with events agencies to provide entertainment-style marketing. Public relations agencies very carefully consider all areas of a campaign to achieve the most suitable results.

Public relations media agencies deal with the media and press - you will find that PR agencies all have their own specialisation. UK public relations agencies have a very hands on approach, and like to use promotions and field marketing as a tool in their campaigns.

A public relations agency in London, for example, will have their finger on the button especially, being in the creative capital of the world. If you are a public relations agency looking to get staff for your campaign, or you want public relations agencies that work with promotions companies to get in touch, check out StuckForStaff, the best resource for public relations agencies all over the world.