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Interested in Field Marketing, Experiential Marketing & Events? provides a central resource allowing brands, agencies and staff the ability to communicate quickly and easily.

We make it easy for promo staff to find promo work, contact new promo agencies, and develop in the field marketing and brand experience industry. With the largest database of promo staff in the industry, we make filling staff campaigns and finding new business easier for staffing agencies than ever before by encouraging brands, PR companies and ad agencies to post tenders for campaigns.

Established in the UK since 2002, Stuck For Staff has now launched in the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

BRANDS - If you are a brand or PR Agency and interested in a marketing campaign, allows you to send your requirements for FREE to agencies nationwide to ensure you get the perfect field marketing, or brand experience agency and field staff, for your marketing campaign.

AGENCIES - If you are a staffing agency or booker within the field marketing or experiential arena needing to widen your staff database, streamline your activities or gain new business leads, you can use many of the features provides to make your life easier; tender alerts, for example, allow you to pitch for new business. We receive new business leads from PR agencies, advertising agencies, brands and companies across the world including the .UK, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

PROMO STAFF - If you are experienced in promotions or field marketing, or interested in the promotional industry and looking for work, tools, resources and advice can help you, we have directories of agencies across the world including UK, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. We list full address, contact numbers and website addresses for the agencies listed saving you a huge amount of time.

Brand Experience
Stuck For Staff offer you a full solution to reap the benefits of the brand experience industry. Whether you are a company seeking for brand experience marketing, or a brand experience agency seeking new clients or developing your staff database, we provide the perfect solution.

Event Staff
If you are looking out for event staff to help your event run smoothly and surely, your search ends here with Stuck For Staff. We provide you with the best event staff, which can be used to provide security, entertainment, stewarding, hostessing and other roles for your events.

Field Marketing
Your search for the right field marketing agency ends here. We offer you with all the support and advice you need to search field marketing staff and agencies to manage or organise your campaign professionally. Find out more information about our field marketing services.

Promotion Agency
Are you searching for a Promotion agency? We help you in developing brands, products, and service through promotion marketing and help you search for the right promotion agency across UK. Find out more about our promotion agency services and promotional staff services.

Promotional Staff
Want promotional staff? Look no further! We help you in choosing the right promotional staff candidates for smooth functioning of your promotional activity. Our promotional staff help increase your brand image, drive traffic and sales towards the company, and assist you at special events, thus making it convenient to manage your event.

Promotional Work
We are one of the leading resource providers for the promotion work & field marketing industry. Whether you are a client or a brand looking for an agency to give you promotion work or field marketing staff, or promotion staff looking for different promotion work, we are here to help.

Stuck For Staff We work with brands, companies, PR agencies, and advertising agencies to find field marketing, experiential marketing and brand experience agencies to manage your promotions and promotional campaigns, field marketing and brand experience needs. From event staff to hospitality, models to leafleting, sampling to merchandising, hostesses to grid girls, street teams to roadshows, exhibition model and exhibition staff for all your face-to-face results. Agencies search our database of promotion staff to get new business and recruit staff. Promo staff find promotion jobs from promotional agencies that are stuck fors taff; never be without promo work, promo jobs or a promotion agency contact again!


Interested in Field Marketing, Experiential Marketing & Events?

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