Promotion Girls / Grid Girls

StuckForStaff provides the leading resource for the promotions industry, supplying promotional girls and grid girls nationwide.

Clients interested in booking promotions girls or grid models can submit their requirements to StuckForStaff; agencies who specialise in offering promo girls throughout the UK will then submit their proposals direct to you - the client! We also offer a variety of services for promotional agencies and staff members, too.

Promo agencies can access our central database of nationwide promo models, including F1 grid girls / grand prix grid girls and promotions girls. StuckForStaff provides an up-to-date database resource which can help not only with general recruitment of promo persons, but also offers a last-minute booking service. In addition to that, agencies are also provided with new business leads.

Are you a promotional girl or grid model? If so, you can also benefit from utilising the many services StuckForStaff offer. List when and where you want promo work - this is searched by more than 400 agencies nationwide! Our website is also full of resourses, such as an industry directory. There is even a message board where promo guys and promo girls can chat!