About Us

StuckForStaff.com provides Brands, Manufacturers, Agencies and Staff a medium through which to engage and execute successful Field Marketing and Brand Experience campaigns.

Brushing problems under the carpet is a cardinal sin at the Stuck HQ. With the help of our team, and continually evolving technology, we are focused on delivering clear and efficient ways of doing things better than they were ever done before.

This is what we have achieved through StuckForStaff.com and will continue to do so through our new and exciting future projects.

Watch this space.

StuckForStaff.com was created by Darren Darnborough & Charlie Costello in 2002.

It all began on a sunny morning in Clacton-On-Sea.

A regular occurrence of absent staff on a brand awareness campaign, mixed with two fuzzy heads, led Event Managers Charlie and Darren to ponder why there wasn’t a central database of staff ready and available to work when crises struck.

Some further pondering, over a hasty "visionary" meal of chorizo, bread and tea resulted with the idea of the original website, which Emma Bates (future Operations Director) cleverly named StuckForStaff.com

Using their industry contacts to launch the service, Charlie and Darren started with only 50 agencies and 100 staff – now the StuckForStaff.com services thousands of staff and hundreds of agencies. Having undergone several major re-developments StuckForStaff.com provides the industry with a resource that not only offers up lots of useful information but assists them in their day to day operations saving agencies and freelance field workers bundles of time. It has revolutionised the way the industry operates and has since been embraced by the entire Field Marketing and Brand Experience Industry.

The Stuck Network have built a successful and forward-thinking team, working on many new and exciting projects which will be coming your way soon!