The Team

Charlie Costello - Co-Founder / Managing Director

Charlie Costello

Birth > BA (Hons) Art Degree (3 yrs) > Founder & Owner – Interior Design Company (4 yrs) > Event Manager (6 yrs) > Co-founder & MD of Stuck Network Ltd (7 yrs)

A creative mind with a flair for business, Charlie’s experience originated largely from his design background, and his interior design business, through a gradual transition in 1999 when he began to work closely with some to the leading FM & BE Agencies, before eventually founding the Stuck Network. Charlie now heads up the Stuck Network as Managing Director.

Charlie loves footwear (sneakers in particular) – in a very big way; in fact Imelda Marcos was once overheard saying ‘he has a lot of shoes’. His motto is “Why paint a picture when a thousand words will do”. A real “Guitar Hero”, he could seriously give Eddie Van Halen a run-for-his-money. Assuming of course, that his guitar has five buttons and no strings.

Darren Darnborough – Co-Founder / Strategic Director

Darren Darnborough

Birth > BA (Hons) Media Degree (3 yrs) > Event Organiser (12 yrs) > Entertainment Industry (15 yrs) > Journalist (3 yrs) > Co-founder & Strategic Director of Stuck Network Ltd (7yrs)

With over 12 years experience in the Events, FM & BE industry, Darren brings a wealth of experiences to the pot. A jack of all trades and master of some, he is a published journalist, professional filmmaker, and has organised and developed various events, from charity benefits for Virgin Unite, to large scale exhibitions with Capital FM. Darren currently is involved in strategic development of and the Stuck brand, taking it far and wide.

Living in Hollywood, California aka LA-LA Land, Darren mainly eats eggplant and zucchini, drinks free pour liquor and has Paris Hiltons number on speed dial. Enough said.

Nick Fennell – Non Executive Director

Nick Fennell

Birth > Degree > Sales Director for Birds Custard among several other major food brands (10 yrs)> Sales & Marketing Director of CPM (8yrs) > Own consultancy business (9 yrs) > Non Executive Director SFS (2 yrs)

Nick Fennell is what you may call the "gray-hair" - he brings us great wisdom and direction. With over 40 years industry-specific experience, he has spent time as Sales and Commercial Director for three major food companies, before his post as Sales & Marketing Director of CPM, which he helped to build into the world's leading Field Marketing company. Following this, he set up Archway Management, a sales & marketing consultancy that advises companies across Europe on directional strategy and new business development, which led him to us!

Outside of work - which his wife Trish says is most of the time - Nick's a great traveller, plays terrible golf and cricket, and keeps alive the great social traditions of his beautiful Oxfordshire village of Adderbury, whilst parading around in his self proclaimed ‘hairdresser’s car’ (aka small shiny sports car).

Emma Bates – Operations Manager

Emma Bates

Birth > BA (Hons) Design & Marketing degree (3yrs) > Event Manager > (6 yrs) Company Director > (4 yrs) > Account Manager (4yrs) Operations Manager > (1 yr)

With over 12 years experience in marketing and managing her own product design company, Emma moved into the Brand Experience & Field Marketing Industry 11 years ago. The skills & experience she brings have been integral to the success of Working with the company since conception, Emma the Head of Operations ensures that things get done!

Emma loves lists (and lots of them), holidays & cozy clothes. A fish eating, occasional meat eating vegetarian, Emma also has a fondness for dogs; this is almost surpassed by her love for Ugg boots, which is almost surpassed by her love for chocolate, which is lastly but not least surpassed by her love for ORANGE chocolate! (The best colored chocolate in the world – the future’s bright).

Dave Beech – Senior Developer

Dave Beech

Birth > BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree (3 years) > Software/Web Developer (5 years) > Senior Developer at Stuck Network Ltd (4 months)

Dave has been working in software and web development for five years now. Also a keen graphic designer, he has had his work featured in national magazines and is currently heading up the future developments of

When not slaving over website code, Dave is usually either at the gym (now averaging once every 6 months) or kidding himself that the noise coming from his guitar amp is actually beautiful music. Half man, half machine, Dave (the paradigm shifter) is to coding, what Charles Darwin was to science.

Hugh Maclachlan – Developer

Hugh Maclachlan

Birth > Leicester City Fan > Certificate IV In Business Programming (1 year) > Software Developer (7 years)

Hugh has been working in software & web development for over 7 years now. He brings a wealth of knowledge & positive enthusiasm to the Stuck Network developments team.

Hugh’s accolades include ‘Winner - US Open Office Table Tennis Championship’ and ‘Champion destroyer of Nando's chocolate mousse’ – 6 in one sitting. A lover of old fashioned Rock’n’Roll music and football, Hugh’s move to the UK was inspired solely by the desire to watch Leicester City Football Club. His interests and love for playing guitar provided him the opportunity to become a founding member of ‘SERRRRGERock’ - watch this space!

Mary Saunders – Account Manager

Mary Saunders

Birth > Artistic Makeup & Special Effects (2 yrs) > Support Worker (6 yrs) > Event Promoter (7 yrs)> Account Executive (1 yr) > Account Manager (6 months)

Having worked within the Brand Experience industry before joining, Mary brings with her a fresh understanding of the industry and currently handles all agency accounts. Having spent the three previous summers in and out of Ibiza she is a great socialite; communication is her forte. Mary now lives in Birmingham and works at what she claims is her ‘perfect job’. We think she adds that little sparkle to

Mary should by rights have no soles on her shoes due to the extreme amounts of walking she partakes in. Her middle name is ‘bargains’ and her love for new phones is teamed up with her habit of losing the old ones. She loves the color purple but is slowly and subliminally being converted to orange.

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