Field Marketing

StuckForStaff services the UK field marketing industry on many levels. We encourage brands to work with the network of field marketing agencies registered with StuckForStaff, on both brand-building strategies and tactical exercises. This in turn offers field marketing staff more work, thus helping grow the industry across all levels. StuckForStaff currently offers services to brands/companies, field marketing agencies and field marketing staff.

Field marketing allows clients to develop their brand, increase market distribution and thus improve sales through a variety of mediums including auditing, demonstration, merchandising, sales and mystery shopping to name but a few. Various strategies are implemented by field marketing agencies - these various jobs are then executed by skilled and experienced promotions and field staff who know how to deliver perfect results.

StuckForStaff helps any company or brand find the right field marketing agency to organise their campaign. We offer field marketing agencies around the UK not only leads to new business but also a national network of staff to call on should the need arise. StuckForStaff also offers support and advice to field marketing staff, as well as allowing freelancers around the UK to access field marketing work on offer, plus lots more.

Whether you are a:

  • Brand, company or PR agency,
  • Field marketing agency, or
  • Field marketing staff,

StuckForStaff can help you!